'Discover your Inner Goddess' Testimonials


"Wherever you are at in your life this workshop will open your eyes to the beautiful power in yourself and the other women around you. This workshop helped me get in touch with myself on all levels and also connect with incredible women in a safe, positive and authentic way. I left this workshop feeling at peace with myself, excited about the incredible women around me and ready to get out in the world and be the bad-ass woman I know I am." -Chloe Ropner (Austin, TX)

"Jacqueline's inner Goddess Workshop was a much needed cleansing for me during a difficult time in my life. The workshop was filled with such positive energy, and I was able to focus on myself and the bottled up emotions I had been carrying around. Jacqueline's positive energy and love is so infectious and inviting, I felt completely at ease and willing to express myself. The experience was a positive wave of release, empowerment, sharing, self awareness and meditation. I felt energized and ready to tackle what comes next for me. Such a positive experience, and one I will carry with me on my journey." -Shanin' Baker Smith (Austin,TX)

Massage Therapy Reviews

I had the privilege of having several massages with Jacqueline Gorton over the past 6 months. They were very relaxing and refreshing. Jacqueline took the time to listen to my concerns and then focused on my problem areas. She was always on time and was thorough in her preparations for my upcoming massages. Once on the table, I was given the best massage with the warmest hands. I enjoyed them so much that I recommended her to several of my friends.
— Richard McCormick- Dynamic Health Center
My job requires me to be on my feet and carry heavy items 5-6 days per week. As a result of this, I have had issues with upper back pain, tense muscles, and extremely poor circulation in my legs. I try to have massages as frequent as I can, however it is an ongoing problem. I went to Jacqueline and was extremely impressed! She began with an evaluation of my issues and what I have been doing to correct them. She then gave the most amazing massage I have ever had! She targeted the problem areas and made sure they were thoroughly taken care of. She did a complete mind and body treatment! This was the first massage in which ALL of my tight muscles and knots were completely worked out. Every other time my massage therapist worked on them, they were never completely taken care of. They always had me schedules another appointment to “work on them further”.

I will absolutely go back to Jacqueline next time I need a therapeutic massage! She is an honest person and will make sure you leave with every detail completed! The results were unbelievable!
— Kate Lynch