Why is the 'Goddess' important?

Living in such a Patriarchal Society, Women have been suppressing their Divine Feminine for decades. It is important to draw the Feminine back into your life so you may create a ripple affect onto the world.

Our Mother Earth craves the qualities of Compassion, Wisdom, Beauty, Unconditional Love, Gentleness, Patience, Nurturing, Forgiving, Intuitive, Kind and Healing. 

As we honor our Divine Feminine Light, we ultimately Change the World.

How the Retreats & Workshops may Serve you

- Do you ever feel that you hold back your Emotions?

- Do you feel pressured by Society to attain a certain level of Success?

- Do you feel a sense of Competition with other Women?

- Do you feel your Sexuality has been suppressed or shamed upon?

Many of us women may be able to relate to these questions and in these retreats Jacqueline aims to offer you the experience of feeling comfort in allowing yourself to be seen, heard and respected as the Divine Feminine Goddess that you are!

Some Activities you may partake in during the events would include; Meditations, Yoga Practices, Conscious Eating, Discussions, Games, Dance, Energy Work and more.