“Kamboja” is the Balinese term for what we know as the “Plumeria” or “Frangipani” flower. This delicate flower's variety of color and luscious scent caught Jacqueline's attention during her travels through Southeast Asia.

In Bali, Indonesia Kambojas are used in Hindu temples as offerings for the Divine.

This dedicated Balinese practice has compelled me to share my own developed gifts of Intuitive Energy Healing and Structural BodyWork.

The foundation for Jacqueline's intuitive and compassionate bodywork stems from her study and practice of Yoga and Meditation, traveling to diverse countries and her personal journey to self realization through spiritual dedication.

She was certified as a Hatha Yoga Teacher by The Shambava Yoga School in Denver, CO. Shortly after, Jacqueline traveled through Thailand where she was certified in Thai Yoga Massage at the Suai Thai Culture Center. When she returned, she attended the Lauterstein-Conway Massage School where she completed the 500 - hour Massage Therapy program.


With her training in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Orthopedic/Clinical Massage, Facilitated Stretching, Prenatal, Deep Massage (Lauterstein Method), Lomi Lomi, Thai Yoga Massage, Ashiatsu, Craniosacral and Reiki, she is able to apply specific techniques based upon the needs of her client.

Jacqueline believes that as living creatures we all have histories which are stored within our bodies and she feels honored to assist her clients in releasing emotional, physical and mental blockages.

Through her many experiences of being exposed to diverse cultures, participating in workshops, studying the feminine and masculine and personal Spiritual Coaching she has come to understand a great need of the feminine influence in our World today. She strives to hold space for women whom have suppressed their authentic emotions and have been programmed by outside influences within our patriarchal society.

Jacqueline continues to walk along this path in hopes to make an impact in the world by sharing her passions of connection, intuition, strength, depth, love and expression. 

Jacqueline Gorton, LMT & CMT